London Real-Business Accelerator Course Review

4 min readFeb 5, 2021


My name is SongLinh Lu. I am a NYS licensed acupuncturist, in practice of Chinese Medicine, including Chinese herbology, for 13 years, and I am also an associate practitioner of Biogeometry Environmental Home Solutions. My passions in optimal health & longevity, coupled with research, study and practice in Nutrition & Detox; Essential oils, Stone Medicine, Shamanism, Spirituality, Daoist Alchemy, Human Nature & Potential, and the Law of Manifestation through quantum physics and epigenetics have taken me on a journey of fascinating discoveries.

In December 2020, I decided to take on a challenge for myself by registering for the 8-weeks long London Real — Business Accelerator Course. This brief review will describe my reason for and reflection on taking this training.

First of all, I was impressed by Brian Rose’s and his London Real team’s ability to use marketing psychology so well to reach into the heart of his audience, when they did email campaign for the course. In a series of emails I got from London Real that promoted this course, I was asked a string of questions that seemed quite personal to my inner dialog, although I was well aware that they were just marketing tactics! I found questions like: “What’s stopping you from starting your business?” “What excuses do you make?” “What’s holding you back?”, etc. so real and relevant to my internal state at the time. It felt as if I was asking myself those questions. So I thought this way of marketing was brilliant and I am glad they triggered something in me to take action. I wanted to learn how to do this in my business.

Of course, I would hear similar marketing techniques when it came to marketing, but the TIMING was JUST RIGHT and a big factor in my case. It took me about two weeks to toy with the idea; sometimes I would ignore it while at other times, the consideration took on central stage. Eventually, at one point, I knew I had to take this course, otherwise I would regret it for the rest of my life. This decision came from a place of deep soul searching and understanding of myself, as I felt the need to transcend my current stage of apathy, the autopilot of living a life that gave me comfort, yet I felt there was so much more. I wanted to break out of the monotony of not living my best life; and in order to get into the amazing next stage of my evolution, I had no choice but to ACT. Listening to my inner guidance was so crucial, and that was how I knew I had to do this. London Real email series was the catalyst that activated my internal dialog that has already been brewing in the background.

With years of profession training and practice in holistic health, and in spiritual & life wisdom, I knew I had so much to offer the world. I had wanted to build a business that reflected my values, but had never had any official business training. Business Accelerated came as a perfect opportunity for me to take on this challenge to create my own business, once and for all. This course was especially appealing because I would learn not just how to create a business, but rather how to turn my passion into an online business.

My experience through the 8 weeks was intense. It felt like I was on a roller coaster because the time factor was a constraint. We all had to finish a long list of assignments for each week’s module’s contents. And every single module was a totally brand new game for me! So it took courage to work through a lot of resistance while facing my own fears & insecurity, and overcame them to complete the assignments. I learned so much about myself, and became even more aware of what needed to be purged from my subconscious if I were to become my more evolved self, to step into a leadership role to guide those who need my guidance and love.

It took courage, responsibility and discipline to grow. And now I can say that although it was an 8-week of intense challenge, I am so proud to have created a basic level digital course that reflects my passion. I came in, not knowing exactly what this business was. And through the step by step modules in the Business Accelerator course, I learned not only how to create my digital product, from scratch to finish, but also how to find my audience, and to promote, offer and sell the product. Although there would always be areas in the course for improvement, but for me Business Accelerator was my first ever business crash course and it was a success because through it I learned the fundamentals of creating, running and expanding an online digital business.

The ending of this course is only the beginning of my journey into the world of entrepreneurship. I have no doubt that there will be new skills I will need to learn along the way, but it Business Accelerator was sure a great start. It is now up to me to put in the work to grow what I had created. Business Accelerator gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Not only had I learned the insider formula of business success, I also understood more the deeper values of the products and services of my passion business.

I am so honored and grateful for the love and generous support of my team leader, Kia Baker; without her anchoring strength, emotional reinforcement and steadfast assistance, this journey would had been even more challenging. I am touched by her generosity of time, good intention and support. It is also amazing to have met and worked with a group of tremendously talented entrepreneurs who, like myself, want to make a positive contribution to reduce suffering, to uplift humanity, and to make this world a better place.

Thank you Brian and everyone on London Real Team for making this possible. Thank you amazing business accelerators for your beautiful stories, your humanity, and also your support. I am pleased and grateful that we are connected, from here and onward.

SongLinh Lu